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These simple concepts can boost productivity and help you accomplish your goals.

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Over the years, I wandered from one creative project to the next. I’d jump from a half-completed music track to a partially written story without completing either. I’d developed a terrible pattern of starting new and exciting projects, only to leave my existing ones to collect digital dust deep in the folders of former creations.

I enjoyed my creative sessions regardless of the outcome, but the inability to maintain steady progress was admittedly frustrating. While I clearly had the drive to create, it was apparent that my focus would detach part-way through my work. Eventually, I managed to change this bad habit. “How,” you might ask? …

How “simulated consciousness” is different from artificial consciousness, and why digital personalities may help boost consumer support for the artificial intelligence industry.

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Photo by Owen Beard on Unsplash

What Is “Simulated Consciousness?”

Simulated Consciousness is a concept I was drawn to while writing for my science fiction podcast, “A Journey Beyond The Skies.” Simply put, it’s a type of artificial intelligence but should not be confused with “Artificial Consciousness.”

“The difference between artificial consciousness and simulated consciousness is that the former implies a human-comparable self-awareness, while the latter is merely the illusion of self-awareness.”

The difference between artificial consciousness and simulated consciousness is that the former implies a human-comparable self-awareness, while the latter is merely the illusion of self-awareness. …

My evolution to becoming a conservation-minded hunter and how it changed the way I experience the natural world.

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The ever-growing fear of failure seeped through the cracks in my concentration as I carefully moved against the setting sun. It was the last time that brilliantly burning star would slip beneath the fading horizon before rising in a brand new year. Gray clouds strewn upon the dimming skies. They resembled the soft, dirty wool of a weathered sheep, long left out to pasture. As the rain gently pattered against my face, droplets joined together at the top of my bow’s limbs, forming thin, veiny streams. …

Today Virgin Galactic revealed the interior of its “SpaceShipTwo (Unity)” spacecraft, and it looks incredible!

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At 10:00 AM PDT (1:00 PM EDT), Virgin Galactic held a live-stream event on YouTube to reveal the interior cabin of SpaceShipTwo. This vessel will shuttle paying customers beyond our atmosphere and potentially rein in a new era of space tourism.

The company, founded by CEO Sir Richard Branson, has already signed up a significant amount of people for their waiting list at a price tag of $250,000 per seat (A reservation deposit costs $1,000). …

I’ve been running the public beta of Apple’s “iOS 14” since release. Here are some thoughts on my three favorite features.

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Photo by Przemyslaw Marczynski on Unsplash

When I installed the iOS 14 public beta on my phone, I was openminded about what I would find. Typically, the beta versions of software could be anywhere from slightly inconvenienced to horrifically plagued by bugs. It’s one of the reasons Apple advises installers to back up their devices preemptively.

To my surprise, everything ran smoothly. I experienced an occasional glitch here or “force close” there, but nothing that left me frustrated and rushing back to a previous version.


What I like about the addition of widgets is how quickly they can change the entire look of the home screens, while including functionality at the same time. …

Starting a podcast can seem intimidating, but it’s far from it. Here’s how I began my podcasting adventure.

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Photo by Will Francis on Unsplash


As the years went by, I found myself with a toolbox of experience and ability. Unfortunately, I had nowhere to direct my creative energy. I was all dressed up with nowhere to go.

As far back as I can remember, I’ve always loved the creative process. Even as a kid, I couldn’t help being drawn to any activity that allowed me a chance to create something of my own. …

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